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I am a Military Spouse who has had 12 years of experience learning how to juggle a career while moving every few years. I have experience in School Social Work, Private Practice, Community Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Hospital Social Work, Hospice and Home Health. I hold both a Master's and Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a specialization in Trauma.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Life, Renewed Hope

I love watching and waiting to see what will make it back after a cold winter.

I prefer to look at winter as more of a time of hibernation, rather than a period of death.

My theory proves true time and time again when something that looked and appeared dead from the outside, was simply in hibernation.

If there was a way to hold a stethoscope to the roots of a plant, one could tell that there is life under the soil.

Doesn't this hold true for each one of us?

We may appear lifeless and hopeless to those around us, but deep down, perhaps we are just in hibernation?

Maybe we just need one person to believe in us, to tell us that we are worth it.

Let me be that person today.

You are worth it.
 I believe in you.
 I have hope in you.

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